Multex: Still Working to Restore Operations

Multex Inc , which specializes in providing investment information and technology solutions to the financial
services industry, reported Monday that all of its employees were safely evacuated from three facilities near the World Trade Center
on Sept. 11. However, due to restricted access to its offices, and loss of electric power, Internet connectivity and telephone
systems, it has not been able to restore service to all of its customers.

“In spite of this, the dedication and commitment of our employees, working around the clock from alternative locations and homes,
have made it possible to ensure that the company will be operation for the critical opening of the U.S. equities markets this
morning,” the company said. “Multex has restored service for almost all of its customers who depend on the accurate and up-to-date
investment information that is needed to make mission-critical investment decisions.”

Multex Chairman Isaak Karaev added, “We are extremely proud by the professionalism, commitment and dedication shown by so many of
our employees who have gone well beyond the call of duty to restore service to our customers before trading resumes. We are also
indebted to our clients and partners who offered their assistance during this trying time. Today, because of such support, we will
emerge an even stronger company.”

Multex said it will continue to keep clients, employees and shareholders apprised of the latest operational updates through its corporate Web site.

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