MySQL Creator Still Fighting Oracle

MySQL is only one component in Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, but it’s proven to be a major sticking point for European regulators. While the purchase now looks like it’s all but concluded, critics continue hammering away at the deal, citing the damage that could be done to the popular open source database in the hands of the commercial database software giant — not the least of whom is MySQL’s founder, Monty Widenius. Database Journal has the story.

One thing that’s safe to say about Michael “Monty” Widenius, MySQL’s creator and founder, is that he’s as tenacious and determined as the man he’s fighting — Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Despite the fact that the Oracle-Sun Microsystems merger is looking like a done deal, thanks to a successful appeal by Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) and its allies before the skeptical European Union’s commission on competition, Widenius is launching a worldwide petition in a last-ditch effort to stop the merger.

The petition, called “Save MySQL!,” vows to “keep gathering support until the very end of the process,” which would be next month. The commission is believed to be satisfied with Oracle’s promises and plans to approve of the deal next month. All that remains is to write a report on its findings.

The petition asks “competition authorities around the world to block Oracle’s acquisition of Sun” unless one of the solutions that the signatories of the petition can select is put in place.

Widenius plans to deliver the first of several batches of signatures to regulators on Monday, January 4. Electronic signatures are being gathered through the Save MySQL! Web site in 12 languages, with more to be added soon.

Read the full story at Database Journal:

MySQL Creator Fights on Against Oracle

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