Neopost Introduces System for Downloading Postage from the Net

Neopost, a maker of
mailing and shipping equipment, announced PostagePlus, an Internet-based
system for downloading and printing postage from the Internet.

PostagePlus is geared toward individuals and small businesses with
low-volume mailing needs. Users log onto the dedicated site, select
addressing and postage options, and print out postage bar codes or

J.P. Leon, Neopost product manager, said, “Printing of postage requires
only the selection of an address from a list or a simple input of a single
address, and the selection of the ‘print’ button. PostagePlus securely
connects to the server, verifies user information, prepares the postage
indicium, updates the account and securely returns the postage indicium to
the user. The envelope or label is then printed on the user’s printer.”

PostagePlus is the Internet companion to PC Stamp, introduced by Neopost
last year, which provides secure storage of postage on a PC.

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