Net Perceptions Debuts GroupLens Version 3.0

Net Perceptions, a provider of
Internet personalization tools, released an updated version of its GroupLens
Recommendation Engine, making it easier to deploy and integrate.

Combining experience gained during successful implementations in demanding
online environments for customers such as, CDnow, E!Online,
iVillage, N2K, and Planet Direct, GroupLens has matured as an industrial
strength tool, the company said.

GroupLens Version 3.0 is collaborative filtering technology that automates
word-of-mouth recommendations, enabling Web sites to generate online
recommendations in real time and tailor product offerings to individual

New features include integration with Broadvision’s One-to-One, Microsoft’s
Site Server 3.0, and Vignette’s StoryServer, and a customization capability to
integrate customer preference predictions with business rules and policies
(for example, R-rated movies would not be recommended to an 8-year-old child).

Version 3.0 yields real-time recommendations up to three times faster than
before, the company said. And, customers can now access the information
contained in their own GroupLens databases and leverage it for targeted
planning and marketing activities.

“GroupLens Version 3.0 elevates the personalization solutions available to Net
Perceptions’ customers, helping them make real-time, on-target predictions
about individual user preferences and, ultimately, retain loyal customers,”
said Steven Snyder, Net Perceptions’ president and chief executive officer.

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