NetWare Aims to Secure LAN/WAN Networks

A new app promises to soothe the security fears of network administrators, consultants, and instructors alike.

Unveiled at Novell’s recent Brainshare conference, version 4.0 of AdRem sfConsole comes as a revamped version of the AdRem Secure Remote Console. The new-fangled version ostensibly offers new levels of security to both remote and local consoles of NetWare servers.

Of late, LAN/WAN networks have been subject to numerous security breaches resulting in the theft of administrator passwords or server hacks.
Ensuring that all data transmitted online goes through a fully safe and encrypted connection is therefore a top concern — one that version 4.0 of AdRem sfConsole aims to address.

As such, v4.0 offers seamless protection against unauthorized access to both local and remote server consoles, ostensibly eliminating the risk of security breaches.
Fully integrated with Novell’s NDS e-directory service, the app requires that all remote and local users be authenticated via NDS’s single sign-on technology, which allows for the managing of server console access rights for specific users and groups. Additional 128-bit key encryption aims to make doubly sure that connections, especially remote ones, are completely safe.

Password-protected screensaver and keyboard blockades supplied by the app allow administrators to define which server screens particular users may access and which console commands he or she may execute. Also featured is a special password-protected backdoor. This seemingly allows missing files or NLMs to be accessed via a pre-defined password in the case of an emergency.
As a last bonus the app enables remote and efficient operation on servers even under conditions when WANs and modem connections are extremely overloaded.

The program supports NetWare 3.2, 4.x, 5.x and IPX, TCP/IP protocols.

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