Network Associates Targets Domino Servers

Network Associates
Monday unveiled GroupShield for Lotus Notes v4.0, a new anti-virus
security program for Lotus Notes/Domino servers.

The redesigned version is available for Windows NT as well as many Unix
variants. Features include best-of-breed logging and alerting, faster
performance, and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The product is
also designed to stop viruses at the server, before the network-connected
PCs can be infected.

GroupShield for Lotus Notes is the Notes server component of Network
Associates’ Total Virus Defense
(TVD) suite. TVD provides anti-virus protection at the desktop, file
server, groupware server and Internet gateway. TVD is sold as a standalone
suite and as part of Net Tools Secure, Network
Associates’ security suite that combines anti-virus, firewall, encryption,
authentication, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment and security

“The mass collaboration and document sharing capabilities that are the
attraction of Lotus Notes, and other groupware
environments also create an environment that is inherently vulnerable to
virus infection,” said Greg McMurdie, senior product
manager for the total virus defense division at Network Associates. “Large
corporations require multi-tiered protection from
computer viruses and with client, server and Internet Gateway solutions,
Network Associates is the only anti-virus vendor truly
capable of providing complete virus security.”

GroupShield for Lotus Notes v4.0 for Windows NT with IBM AIX, Sun Solaris,
Alpha, NetWare is now available, and an OS/2 version will ship in November.
TVD standalone pricing begins at $18 per user for 5,000 users and
Net Tools Secure is available at a price point of $49 per user for 5,000

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