New GSM Solution Links Mobiles to Intranets

At the GSM World Congress on Friday,
Nortel Networks announced
an IP-based wireless office solution that will link users of
mobile devices to corporate intranets.

The new solution is an addition to Nortel Networks PicoNode
product for GSM service. Capable of handling both voice and
data traffic, it includes a full Internet Protocol (IP)
layer with local area network (LAN) connectivity.

Phil Terrett, director, product marketing, Nortel Networks,
said that adding IP to PicoNode would offer corporations
a highly cost-effective way to adapt to the Internet business

“The new IP layer will enable employees to use their GSM
phones, or in the future any wireless devices, to connect
to the GSM network, intranet or Internet, wherever they
happen to be,” said Terrett.

A huge number of wireless applications will come onto
the market in the near future, making the Nortel product
especially attractive to corporations in Europe where
wireless Internet is most advanced.

In conjunction with France Telecom Mobiles, Nortel Networks
demonstrated PicoNode at the GSM World Congress. The
companies showed such features as Short Message Service,
Intelligent Call Routing, integrated PBX, multi-site LAN
connectivity and the new IP functionality.

The complete PicoNode solution consists of a base transceiver
station, a base station controller and a mobile switching
center. All of it is housed in a single cabinet not much
larger than a personal computer.

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