New Hints on Apple Plans in Patent Filings

There’s a long and storied tradition of combing through tech companies’ patent filings for clues about future product directions. Now, for Apple, both one of the most secretive and most highly scrutinized companies in Silicon Valley, a new cache of information discovered in its filings may offer insight for observers looking for details on upcoming touchscreen devices. HardwareCentral takes a look.

Not even Apple can control the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), although it probably wishes it could.

The USPTO on Thursday published a patent application from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) that gives a hint where the company is going with its future touch devices.

Patently Apple, a site that follows Apple patent applications and grants, obtained a copy of the application, complete with illustrations diagramming how the proposed technology would be used.

“While Apple’s patent, in general, could only be truly appreciated by someone with a Ph.D in this particular discipline, we mere mortals are able to see that Apple will use this next-generation touchscreen technology on their iPhone, iPod touch and yes, a touchscreen MacBook or future MacBook/tablet,” wrote Jack Purcher, author of the blog.

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Apple Patent Offers Hints on Upcoming Products

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