New Router Pushes Database Info to Mobile Phones

A new type of router from Short Message Services (SMS) Nordic AB in Sweden makes information in database servers accessible from mobile phones.

The router acts as gateway between company-based LAN/WAN/Intranet network databases and to the phone network system.

This Short Message Service (SMS) router use two GSM-cards and the Nokia CardPhone, one for incoming and one for outgoing traffic. The router can be used in any computer platform and communicate with any GSM-based phone anywhere independent of the operator.

The SMS-router is connected to the company network via a standard RS232 interface through a Windows NT-server where the SMS software is installed. It can also be connected direct to a specific GSM-operator via X.25 or TCP/IP for applications that require high volume of traffic.

This SMS-router paves the way for new applications dedicated to remote users who need fast information access through a mobile phone unit. Existing applications are already used by the Swedish Railroad, ASG (forwarder) and the Swedish police.

SMS Nordice AB started as a software developer in 1994. The company works in close cooperation with Ericsson and Nokia as well as other PDA-based suppliers as Psion, 3Com and Microsoft.

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