New UK Mortgage Site Offers Start-to-Finish Options

A new UK Web site for arranging mortgages,,
is offering around 3,000 constantly updated mortgage options from
30 top lenders.

The site, run by Independent Mortgage Brokers, also offers a
start-to-finish mortgage brokerage and completion service — the
only such service on the Internet in the UK.

“Taking out a mortgage is probably the largest financial purchase
and commitment people are likely to make,” said Anthony Webb,
director of Independent.

“Our business has grown 4,000 per cent in the last 18 months.
This success is because Independent not only provides good quality
independent advice to our customers, but quickly and backed up by
‘real people’ who pride themselves on excellent customer service
and aftercare.”

The offerings from Independent come with the obligatory warnings
that people can lose their homes if they do not keep up with
mortgage repayments. Easier access to mortgages is likely
to fuel the house price boom, currently being experienced
in parts of the UK.

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