Next Stop Argentina for Net Security Company

Brazilian Internet security company and market leader Modulo Security Solutions has arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, searching for partners to explore the Argentine information security market.

The company will invest US$ 2 million in the project implementation, aiming to conquer the Latin American market in the next two years, starting with Argentina and extending its business units to Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.

Talks with local partners began last week at Comdex Buenos Aires.

According to the company, the ideal partner for this operation must have an initial investment of US$ 300,000 and be ready to work on the corporate market, among other criteria for country response.

To achieve this goal the company also counts on the expansion of the Value Chain Alliance project (VCA), in alliance between Microsoft, Cisco, Compaq and Interchange. Expectations for Modulo’s total revenues for the period hover near US$ 20 million.

“The e-security market is extremely promising and our researches showed us there are great opportunities in Argentina,” said Modulo International CEO, Alvaro Lima.

According to Lima, the idea is to work through a joint-venture or a franchising to build projects and market products with Modulo’s brand.

“There is also the possibility of setting up our own office with a mixed team of Brazilian and Argentine professionals,” he added.

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