NTT Debuts New Digital Procurement System

TOKYO — NTT has announced a “High Definition TV encoder with Camera” and a new technology to support procurement of digital content. High Definition TV encoders compresses videos of High Definition TV with MPEG2 format. NTT will present the encoder at NAB2001 held in Las Vegas until April 26.

At NAB2001, “Wireless HD Camera” will be presented to demonstrate HDTV videos, connecting Las Vegas and TBS Broadcasting Center located Akasaka, Tokyo. The camera was developed by NTT Research Center. The camera, the smallest one on the earth, combined HDTV MPEG Encoder with Camera and “HD-TS Bridge”, a bridge to connect digital wireless module and encoder.

NTT and TBS last April conducted a test to interactively broadcast HDTV images. At that test, they separated the images to 53 blocks, and found it is suitable to ATM service. At Las Vegas, they are to test remote control of HDTV camera located Shibuya, Tokyo.

At that convention, NTT will also present content ID enabled technologies: “Contents Corsage” which reads content IDs printed with digital watermark and confirms the history of the image to control centers. “Vision Mark” is a technology digitally delivers information related to the image. Users press the icon with in the image delivered via TV. They can receive related information, such as detailed description of the commercial.

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