Oracle Mulls Sun Products to Kill Off, Revamp

We knew it was coming — and now, we know the details. ServerWatch takes a look at the changes Oracle will be making to the former Sun product line. As a result of the purchase, a sweeping array of products will be impacted, ranging from Star Office (which escapes with a rename) to the Sun Open Cloud Platform (which doesn’t fare as well).

Now that the merger is a done deal, Oracle has begun picking and choosing the products that will live on and which will fade out. While CEO Larry Ellison was adamant that there would be no wholesale slaughter of products or staffing, the reality is not everything can survive or receive full Oracle investment.

Michael Bemmer, former head of Sun’s software business, is now the general manager of the Oracle Office Global Business Unit and said there will be a name change for Star Office and Star Suite, becoming members of the Oracle Office family. “Oracle had not sold office productivity tools, so we are happy to fill that gap,” he says in one Oracle video.

Other survivors include JavaFX, Java ME, HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (to be integrated with the fast JRockit VM from BEA Systems) and Sun’s Operations Center management software, which will be merged with Oracle’s Enterprise Manger.

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Oracle Begins Picking Its Sun A-Team

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