Oracle SuperCluster Pushes SPARC Forward

Oracle is advancing the Sun SPARC server architecture with a new chip and new engineered systems.The SPARC T4 is the latest generation chip architecture from Oracle’s SUN hardware division.

“The T4 microprocessor is up to five times faster, depending on what you’re testing, than the T3 chip it replaces,” Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said during a launch event for the T4. “This is much faster than the T3.”

The first key platform for the T4 is the SPARC SuperCluster machine, which is a general purpose engineered system that runs Oracle’s Solaris Unix operating system. The idea is to give those users that are running SPARC-based environments today an upgrade path with higher performance.

“We think lots of people are going to upgrade from their current SPARC Solaris systems to the new SPARC SuperCluster,” Ellison said.

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Oracle Supercluster Pushes SPARC Forward

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