OzEmail Adds Women’s Site to Network

ISP and Web portal OzEmail has launched the first site on its Media Network targeted specifically at female users.

According to OzEmail the fEmale site is part of an attempt to address the disparity in services offered to male and female Internet users.

“Currently 53 per cent of our new sign-ups are women,” said OzEmail Internet general manager Justin Milne. “fEmale is designed to help women access information which has been produced specifically with them in mind. This is the first of a number of initiatives we have planned for women.”

The site will provide local and international content on health, family, fashion, careers, and events. It also includes a shopping section that connects to OzEmail’s own OzEshopping and Wine Club sites, as well as bookshop Dymocks and Australian online music retailer ChaosMusic , which OzEmail sponsors.

The launch of fEmale follows a trend established by a number of US-based sites, including the Microsoft Network‘s Women Central, iVillage‘s The Women’s Network and Women.com.

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