Pentaho Business Analytics Gets an In-Memory Boost

Open source business intelligence (BI) vendor Pentaho is advancing its capabilities with new in-memory features.

The Pentaho Business Analytics 4.1 release provides advanced in-memory features that enable enterprises to leverage the benefits of in-memory as well as disk-based analysis.

“Most of the other BI vendors make you choose either in-memory or on disk, and we let you choose what you want,” Ian Fyfe, chief technology evangelist and vice president of product marketing at Pentaho, told “Ultimately we have a standard relational database on the back end, but then what we do is let you take that data and load it up into memory.”

Fyfe said modern system architectures allow enterprises to access a lot more memory than what had been available in the past. As such, more data can be loaded into memory, allowing for faster analytics performance.

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Pentaho Business Analytics Gets an In-Memory Boost

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