Becomes Multi-Lingual this week expanded its Instant Intranet portal into 10 languages to increase its availability to international companies. is designed for small and medium-size enterprises that seek secure, affordable and
easy-to-implement intranet platforms for information sharing and collaboration.

The portal is now available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Russian, Serbian-Cyrillic and Croatian. The company expects to add additional
languages including Spanish and Italian to its Instant Intranet Portal in the upcoming months.

Planet-Intra will either detect the language of the user’s browser or users
can manually select a language from a list of icons.

“With Planet-Intra available in high demand languages, we extend the information sharing and collaboration benefits of an affordable instant intranet solution to more small and medium-size enterprises around the
world,” said Alan McMillan, CEO of “Regardless of
geographic location, Planet-Intra supports management’s need to ensure
information is shared among employees and throughout an extended enterprise,
enabling increased productivity.”

The Planet-Intra software package runs on the NT and Unix — including Linux
and Solaris — operating systems. It is free for up to 10 users, with pricing packages for more than 10 users.

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