Public Cloud, Virtualization Uptake Slow: Cisco

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  • They’re buzzwords, for sure, but how much interest are corporate IT buyers really showing in cloud computing and virtualization? With the release of a pair of new global surveys, Cisco has tried to put some numbers behind the adoption curve.

    As it turns out, many more businesses are planning to deploy cloud computing and virtualization schemes than those that already have. Indeed, just 8 percent of businesses polled by Cisco have tapped into cloud computing, with many expressing reservations about the security and reliability of virtualized environments. Server Watch has the story.

    The cloud is a topic that is top of mind for many in enterprise IT, but how widely is it actually being deployed now? Networking vendor Cisco this week issued a pair of separate studies looking at cloud and virtualization deployments which may shed some light.

    According to the new Cisco Connected World global study of IT professionals in 13 countries, only 18 percent of global respondents indicated that they are actually now using cloud computing in any capacity. Digging deeper into specific geographies shows that different countries have higher rates of cloud adoption. Brazil and Germany top the list for cloud penetration, with both countries tied at 27 percent. India follows at 26 percent, and the United States comes in at 23 percent.

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    Public Cloud Not Widely Used — Yet

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