Rackspace Moving OpenStack to a Foundation

Rackspace is now moving to set up an OpenStack Foundation that will be the steward of OpenStack project.

“We don’t have a foundation right now; what we’re doing is kicking off the process to get one set up,” Jonathan Bryce, chairman of the Project Policy Board for OpenStack told InternetNews.com. “Like everything else we’ve done with OpenStack, we intend to do that in collaboration with the rest of the community.”

Bryce noted that the recent OpenStack Diablo release demonstrated how much of a community-led project OpenStack has become. There are five separate projects within OpenStack. Of them, three are led by Rackspace and two are led by others in the community.

Bryce said that to date Rackspace has invested “millions” in the project. From a business perspective, the project is operated as OpenStack LLC, which is wholly owned by Rackspace. OpenStack LLC owns the intellectual property copyrights and trademarks associated with OpenStack. Bryce said those assets would move to the Foundation.

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Rackspace Opens Up OpenStack With Planned Foundation

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