Red Hat Continues to Develop RHEL 5

Red Hat first launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL) back in 2007. In late 2010, Red Hat released RHEL 6, providing the next generation of enterprise Linux features. RHEL 6 was recently updated to RHEL 6.2, providing new control and storage features. The upcoming RHEL 5.8 release, which is now in beta, is getting its own set of updates. However, resource control is not among them.

The resource control functionality in RHEL 6.2 comes by way of the cgroups feature that is not present in the RHEL 5.x series.

“cgroups was extremely invasive so you’ll never see that in RHEL 5,” Tim Burke, vice president of Linux Engineering at Red Hat, told “We continue to do minor feature enhancements in RHEL 5.”

Burke added that the minor feature enhancements added to RHEL 5 must not be invasive or overly risky. There is also the potential for additional hardware enablement in RHEL 5.

“For RHEL 5, the name of the game is stability, and stability always trumps everything,” Burke said. “We get more conservative as the releases go on.”

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