Red Hat’s New Fedora Project Leader Takes the Linux Helm

Red Hat’s new Fedora Project Leader, Robyn Bergeron has a lot of work ahead of her as she helps to grow one of the world’s largest Linux distribution communities. Bergeron was appointed the new FPL last week, succeeding outgoing FPL Jared Smith who had held the position since June of 2010.

One of Bergeron’s goals as FPL will be get a better handle on all the statistics that surround Fedora.

“People will ask where is Fedora going and I’ve always been a big fan of knowing where you are first,” Bergeron told “It’s always good to have a good handle on where you are as it makes it far easier to measure your milestones and know that you’re actually going someplace.”

Bergeron added that it’s still early days for her in the role of FPL, but she is committed to getting a better handle on Fedora’s statistics to better understand where the project is going.

“One of the things I personally want to see improve is – do we know who are?” Bergeron said.

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