Refocused Jamcracker Turns Host

Officials at former ASP Jamcracker Monday will take the wraps
off its On Demand Enablement Kit, a platform for software
vendors who want to provide hosted services.

The announcement signals a slight shift in the company’s business focus
from being a software provider for enterprise businesses to one that works behind
the scenes of other software offerings.

Developers at the company added functionality that lets ISVs —
through the APIs — integrate their applications into its PivotPath
software. This creates a bundled package that incorporates Jamcracker’s ID
management functions, allowing the company to offer it as a hosted service. By
buying into the kit, customers can later add new applications as their
program expands.

PivotPath dates back to the late 1990s when it was an ASP
aggregator pulling together a suite of individual software
applications on a hosted platform.

When the ASP industry virtually disappeared with the collapse of the
dot-com sector, Jamcracker spent two years retooling the separate
software titles under one platform, one set of APIs . PivotPath was the result,
and it’s been steadily evolving since its debut late last year.

Originally slated as an enterprise offering, PivotPath
developed an offshoot to provide the same functionality for
third-party ISVs who wanted to provide hosted programs

“We originally thought we’d target the data center at the core
enterprise, but found that demand was coming more from ISVs, ISPs and
other people that were adding a software-as-a-service model in an
evolutionary manner rather than revolutionary,” said K.B.
Chandrasekhar, Jamcracker chairman and CEO.

The company lined up Kana as its first Enablement Kit customer. According to officials, the
partnership will automate the end-to-end process of back-end support with
Kana’s support software.

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