Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

“After testing a feature and evaluating its merits, if we learn it doesn’t improve the user experience or serve our mission, we’ll remove that feature.”

    Twitter explains why it is removing the quickbar from its mobile client, most commonly referred to as the dickbar, named after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. (Twitter)

“When companies make privacy pledges, they need to honor them.”

    Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC talking about the settlement with Google over privacy violations with Google Buzz (InternetNews)

“We expect Windows Phone to gain some of the share that Symbian will lose.”

    IDC senior research analyst Kevin Restivo, explaining why IDC is predicting that Windows Phone will be a contender (EnterpriseMobileToday).

“Currently, the presence of an XSS vulnerability does not cause a Web site to fail McAfee Secure certification because such vulnerabilities presently aren’t deemed a serious enough threat to take that action.”

    McAfee defends itself after the website is publicly exposed for being at risk from XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilities (eSecurityPlanet)

“The value of our portfolio relates to defending Red Hat and open source against baseless patent lawsuits.”

    Rob Tiller, assistant general counsel and vice president, IP at Red Hat explaining why his company has patents (InternetNews).

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at, the news service of, the network for technology professionals.

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