Tablets Sustaining PC Growth: Forrester

Steve Jobs says that the PC is a dying breed and the tablet is the way of the future. Au contraire, counters Steve Ballmer. PCs are entering their golden age.

Putting the semantic bickering of the two Steves aside, Forrester Research argues that tablets are indeed part of the PC category, and indeed poised to be a key driver of sales in the sector. Hardware Central takes a look.

At the All Things Digital D8 conference earlier this month, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs made the modern-day shot heard ’round the world when he predicted that the PC would fade from use and be supplanted by tablet computers.

He compared PCs to trucks: everyone had to own them when we were an agrarian society, but now only businesses use trucks, while consumers use cars. Jobs’s computing equivalent to the car? The tablet.

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PC Sales To Grow, Thanks to Tablets: Forrester

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