Tapping into Legacies

South Africa — WRQ Inc. recently rolled out a solution that promises to overcome all the problems inherent in legacy integration.

The business rules and logic built into legacy apps are often important to businesses that are investigating online commerce. When it comes to building e-business initiatives on legacy foundations, however, prospective e-players often run into integration problems.

“Legacy integration is one of the most technically challenging things about enterprise application integration,” notes Meta Group analyst Dan Sholler.
According to him 70 percent of corporate information still resides on legacy mainframes making participating in e-business problematical.

Unifying legacy apps to front-end offerings may be a technical challenge ostensibly, however, WRQs Verastream solution has what it takes.

Consisting of two apps, Verastream 8.0 and Verastream Host Integrator 4.0, the unified solution seemingly taps into legacy data and brings it to the front-end. Whereas Verastream 8.0 apparently enables companies to hook their front-end e-business applications to back-end ERP and CRM systems, Host Integrator 4.0 strives to make host data accessible via Web browsers.

“Working with legacy application integrators is often time-consuming and expensive,” states Chris Byer, rapid application development manager at AT&T.
“Verastream, however, gives us the ability to easily mesh our legacy data and return it back to us very easily via browsers.”

Next on the cards for WRQ is an adapter, due in July, that will let companies use legacy data to do business over online exchanges.

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