Telco’s ISP Adds Filter Technology, an ISP subsidiary of
Australia’s third largest telecommunications carrier AAPT, is to implement
a filtering system as a differentiated data traffic source to corporations
and ISPs across nationwide.

The filtering technology, called Internet Sheriff, will be provided by
Internet technology provider
. The system will allow to provide corporate customers with the option to limit
employees’ access to non work-related Web sites during work time.

“We don’t see this as a mandatory service,” said director of
operations, Andrew Jacobson. “Our clients can choose whether or not they
want to implement the filtering system as part of their service.”

The ISP intends to make Internet Sheriff available to customers by November. is also set to implement Telnet.Media’s AdNow! targeted
online advertising system, which allows content to be added to the Internet
data stream within an ISP’s infrastructure.

AdNow! draws on user demographic information provided by the ISP as the
‘owner’ of the customer data, allowing it to draw revenue from the user
information in its physical network structure.

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