Telehouse East Opens in London’s Docklands

Secure data communications facilities
company Telehouse Europe
has opened a new building in London Docklands.

Called Telehouse
East it houses sensitive equipment in a protected environment,
with excellent communications from this major physical hub
of the Internet in the UK.

“Driven by customer demand, the construction of the
new centre will secure the expansion plans of our current
clients,” said Michelle Reid, manager of sales and client
support for Telehouse.

“The significant investment we have made in purpose-built
facilities enables Telehouse to provide existing and potential
customers with a truly secure and resilient operational
environment,” added Reid. “A testament to this commitment is the fact that
for some of our clients, Telehouse is their only operational
presence in the UK.”

The additions to the Telehouse operation are certainly
substantial. The company has created a secure campus of
technical buildings which have a single point of entry
from within a central administration pavilion.

The new facility and the administration centre
together add a gross area of over 9,900 square metres
to the original Telehouse building, now called Telehouse

For UK ISPs, Telehouse acts as a resilient network node
and neutral point of interconnection to each other and
the rest of the world. It houses equipment suites and
offers a complete range of facilities management services.

Telehouse also operates a smaller facility in Paris.

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