Telstra Launches B-to-B E-Commerce Platform

Building on its e-commerce offerings, Telstra rolled out the Open Commerce Platform (OCP), a technology architecture which aims to improve the business-to-business transaction process.

The platform is Telstra’s first e-commerce product targeting the U.S. market, and is expected to become available this month.

OCP provides transaction services and messaging exchanges to facilitate vendor relationships, with an open architecture that allows exchange with multiple procurement systems, such as varying transaction technologies or message formats.

“The OCP is a powerful and non-intrusive means of integrating buyers and suppliers,” said Andrew Manning, Telstra Development’s president and CEO. “Where most procurement solutions focus on either the buyer or supplier, Telstra’s OCP is focused on uniting the two and facilitating commerce.”

The platform includes an OCP Translator for order and invoice communications, an OCP Review service for tracking orders, and the OCP Settlement component which offers a series of payment options.

Telstra has a presence in 20 countries, providing Internet connectivity, e-commerce solutions, and various telecommunication offerings. The company recently rolled out ADSL and remote access services in Australia.

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