Terra Networks, Sun Microsystems Spain in Enterprise Venture

Internet service provider Terra Networks
and Sun Microsystems Spain agreed
Thursday to push enterprise technology initiatives and deliver networked
services to Terra customers.

Terra (TRRA)
will be participating in Sun’s early access program for StarPortal in the
eight countries where Terra operates. StarPortal software is a major
initiative to provide word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheet
and other office software tools to any Web browser, enabling enterprises to
access their network and applications, securely through the Internet.

The StarPortal initiative is Sun’s (SUNW)
latest step in providing a complete software solution to the industry. It is based on the StarOffice suite, which is available for the Solaris Operating Environment, Windows, Linux and OS/2.

Also, Sun Spain and Terra will establish a center for evaluation,
development and deployment of Internet products and services, including the
next generation of mobile Internet access devices. Its enterprise services
division will collaborate with Terra in training of their teams on using Sun’s dot-com products and services.

“With this collaboration, Terra is taking a major step toward the new
computing and communications paradigm by providing information to anyone,
anytime, anywhere from any device,” said Ed Zander, Sun Microsystems’ president and chief operating officer. “We look forward to working with
Terra and making a difference in the way customer interact with the Web where in today’s networked, content is key.”

Terra Networks S.A. is one of the main providers to the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world of both content and ISP for the residential small business markets. Its ISP business has 1,144,000 customers. As a content provider, Terra serves more than 370 million pages each month.

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