Top 50 iPad Apps for Online Shoppers

The iPad is expected to account for more than 75 percent of all tablet PCs sold in 2011 so it should come as no surprise that developers are racing to build the apps that work best for this new and extremely popular type of mobile device.

And as Datamation reports, developers aren’t wasting any time and have already served up thousands of new applications specifically for iPad users looking to do some online shopping this holiday season.

Addressing everything from constructing and maintaining a shopping list to calculating exactly how much one can save from various online discounts, everything an iPad consumer could ever want or need is just one trip to the App Store away.

Best of all, most of these handy tools cost less than a buck.

Have iPad app, will shop. ‘Tis the season to do some spending, but you’d better shop sensibly if you’re going to make it through the holidays with any money left.

Here are the top 50 iPad apps for making your list and saving some dollars when you hit the malls.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Top 50 iPad Apps for Shopping and Saving Money

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