VeriSign CTO Looks at the Future of the Internet

Helping VeriSign to see the future of the Internet is their new CTO Burt Kaliski. Kaliski told that he is responsible for the long term technology direction at VeriSign and is tasked with understanding how the Internet will change in the years ahead.

“In terms of a technology direction one of the significant questions I’m looking into is the question of Internet resilience,” Kaliski said. “

He noted that VeriSign has been operating the DNS registries for .com and .net as well as other top level domains with a record of flawless resolution for 12 years. If the Internet was only the top level registries and the root DNS that VeriSign manages, Kaliski stated that the Internet would be completely resilient.

“But we play one part in the larger ecosystem as we make the connection between names and addresses,” Kaliski said.

For Kaliski, there are multiple challenges ahead in his role as CTO at VeriSign. One of the challenges is the fact that in his view there are many opportunities for improvement.It’s his task to help successfully identify where VeriSign can make the best contributions. “IT is a transformative factor in the global economy and the measure of success is how much better we’ve made the overall economy and society better by enabling a connected world,” Kaliski said. “At the end of the day, I’ll look at what new industries, what better efficiencies and what improvements we’ve made that are possible by the further development of the Internet, that VeriSign and its partners were able to make possible.”

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VeriSign CTO Looks at the Future of the Internet

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