Verizon Puts the Brakes on FiOS Build-Out

Did Verizon make it to your town to lay the fiber for its FiOS triple play service? If not, you might just have to stay with cable or DSL, as the telecom giant says it’s done building for the time being.

Verizon could return to the FiOS build-out at some point, but doesn’t have any plans to do so for the time being, Enterprise Networking Planet reports.

If you are waiting for Verizon Communications to bring its high-speed communications service FiOS service to your town… keep waiting. The communications giant said Friday that it doesn’t have any further expansion plans for its fiber optic network.

FiOS has been the telecommunications giant’s high-speed competition against cable companies and largely sold to consumers, although a business offering is also available. Verizon offers three services over fiber — Internet, phone and television. It offers three tiers of speeds: 15 megabits for downloads/5 megabits for uploads, 25 MBits/sec down/up, and 50 MBits down/25MBits up.

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has not unequivocally said there will be no further FiOS expansion, but doesn’t have any plans to continue expansion, either.

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Verizon Halts Further FiOS Expansion

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