WebAuthorize Processes Over 720 Transactions Per Minute

Tellan Software introduced WebAuthorize Hosting Pack, an Internet payment gateway product that can process over 720 transactions
per minute.

Featuring a robust, backend server and a browser-based client
interface, the system is certified with all major U.S. bank networks, the company said.

“Integrating WebAuthorize was a seamless
procedure,” said Steve Bramson, vice president of value-added services
for Mpact Immedia. “For certain client applications, valuable time-to-market benefits
were gained by using the off-the-shelf product. We anticipate rapid payback
on our investment in WebAuthorize.”

The vendor said that WebAuthorize can offer Internet Service Providers a
recurring revenue stream for handling payment transactions for hosted
merchants. The software’s browser interface allows merchants to access
transaction information without needing to have the application itself on their
computer systems.

WebAuthorize has a special encryption feature to protect sensitive credit card
payment information, said the firm. This feature, it added, goes beyond the standard
Internet level, and reaches all the way to the databases stored in a user’s

“Protection of the server files is important because it’s easier for theft to occur with a
stationary object rather than with a moving target,” said Donald Neff, president and founder of Tellan.

WebAuthorize can be integrated with other applications via a variety of
program interfaces, including Active X Control, Sockets, Java, Named Pipes,
C++, etc. It is also fully integrated with leading shopping cart applications,
such as Microsoft Site Server 3.0, iCat, and Mercantec.

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