Will IBM Dump Its Foundry Business Soon?

IBM has designs on doubling in size in the coming years, and plans to do so around its core competencies. While the company plays in many areas, it prefers to focus primarily on the high margin, high income businesses like systems, software and services. So distractions have to be removed.

A semiconductor analyst believes he knows what will be the next to go: IBM’s chip manufacturing business. It’s not a big business but it is a distraction. So what will IBM do with it? Read Datamation and find out.

Under the leadership of CEO Sam Palmisano, IBM has pared down many segments it considered to be commodity businesses, including printers, hard drives and—most famously—its PC business.

Yet IBM remains a chipmaker, albeit a small one, and one analyst thinks it’s time for that business to go as well.

Boris Petrov, managing partner of the Petrov Group and a former director of strategic marketing with chip fabricator Chartered Semiconductors, put forward the theory in a report originally for the Asian publication DigiTimes.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Is IBM’s Foundry Business Next to Go?

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