XBuilder 2.2 Offers Swifter Content Access

Major companies tired of slow Web content download can now turn to a new solution.

XBuilder 2.2, now used by such companies as Microsoft (MSFT)
, PeopleSoft (PSFT)
and Qualcomm (QCOM)
, is a software device that enhances Web page download speed more than four
times standard speeds.

XBuilder, developed by Sign Me Up Marketing, works by converting dynamic
pages into static HTML pages, then compresses the static HTML to increase
speed by 15 percent, making it the only such time-saving product on the market.

XBuilder can compile a whole site or selected pages with an easy-to-use
wizard or COM object interface. It integrates sites written in any
scripting language, including CGI, Active Server Pages, or Perl.

“Seventy-five percent of our traffic was turned away because of hardware
and software incapability,” said Adam Wolf of FreeShop. “Now that we have a
new line and we have propped out the XBuilder pages, we can serve all the
requests and the machines are just purring.”

XBuilder 2.5 will debut Monday. It will include support for Extensible
Markup Language and Extensible Stylesheet language.

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