Yahoo Makeover Will Start With Search, Email

Not so long ago, Yahoo was atop the search food chain and appeared to have all the potential to become the search, online advertising and Internet services company that Google eventually became.

As eCommerce Guide reports, Yahoo thinks it can begin to turn things around and regain some measure of prominence. This fall it will revamp its search services and email platform and promises to accelerate its product roadmap to garner more traffic, users and revenue.

It plans to stock its search results for popular or trending queries with a variety of content formats presented in a streamlined, easily navigable layout.

Searches for popular entertainment topics or individuals will present results organized by images, news stories, videos, tweets and other types of information, presenting users with an array of one-click bars to display the results in the format of their choosing. Yahoo will offer a similar presentation for news items.

Yahoo, in the midst of a corporate turnaround effort, is planning to speed up the pace of new product and feature rollouts, pledging an accelerated roadmap that will see rapid iterations to its core services, including search and email.

Blake Irving, who recently joined Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) as chief product officer, spoke of the company’s evolving strategy at an event this week Yahoo dubbed “Product Runway.” Irving touted Yahoo’s global computing infrastructure that supports the massive traffic to the company’s content and services, reminding his audience that Yahoo remains one of the premier brands on the Web.

He also noted the strong ties between Yahoo’s research labs and product divisions, explaining that Yahoo benefits from healthy collaboration between the two sides of the house, which in many IT firms effectively operate as silos.

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Yahoo Plans New Search, Email as It Speeds Release Cycle

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