1800USSearch.com Ad Captures 8.4% Click Rate

The most clicked-on ad banner for the week ending Aug. 29 was 1800USSearch.com’s ad, which had an
8.4 percent CTR, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

US Search provides public record information about individuals.

The top ad banner for the week was GetSmart’s ad, climbing from the No. 5
spot from the previous week. GetSmart, a provider of mortgage loan
information and links to lenders, ranked No. 24 on the Top Advertisers list.

Top advertisers, ranked by banner impressions, for the week ending Aug. 29:

Advertiser Impressions in millions Reach %
1. TRUSTe 253.9 13.9%
2. Microsoft 136 27.1
3. Amazon 83.4 24.5
4. Next Card 54.2 18.2
5. CDNOW 46.6 16.1
6. Yahoo! 36 16
7. SexSwap 30.4 2.4
8. About.com 30.2 9.8
9. Ad Council 29.2 6.6
10. SexTracker 28.4 4.1

Top Banners, ranked according to reach percent:

  1. GetSmart — Find: A Loan for Me. Refinancing, Second Mortgage, Debt

  2. Autoweb — BUY IT; SELL IT
  3. Bonzi Software — Speed Up Internet Connection
  4. Autoweb — GET A PRICE
  5. At Hand — Find it now in the Yellow Pages. What are you looking

  6. Uproar — Where does Homer Simpson Work? Bar, Bank, Nuclear Plant,

  7. Acceleration Software — Find the ball and win a free Internet
    Telephone AND a web accelerator!

  8. Next Card — Expect More from your credit card. Online credit
    decision in 30 seconds

  9. Beyond.com — WIN A Sega Dreamcast System!
  10. Capital One — Visa Platinum; Credit Limit, Fixed APR, Apply Online,

Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser’s own property or house
ads are not included in the rankings. The Nielsen//NetRatings audience
information service collects
data from approximately 20,000 panelists as they surf the Web at home.
Banners may be viewed here.

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