24/7 Media Offers Millennium Sponsorship Packages

Online marketing company and ad network 24/7 Media Inc. is offering a millennium
sponsorship package called “Win Your Ultimate New Year Resolution” promotion.

The exclusive 24/7 Promotions opportunity will enable category-exclusive
sponsors to offer prizes that match participants’ affinities and New Year

The promotion, which will run in 24/7 Media’s Health, Career,
Business/Finance and Travel channels, is expected to generate more than
$500,000 for 24/7 Media over six weeks, the company said.

The promotion delivers frequent direct e-mail messages and multiple branding
opportunities for participating sponsors, reaching the right people with
relevant offers, while simultaneously visiting contextually relevant sites.
It begins Nov. 15.

“The “Win Your Ultimate New Year Resolution” promotion was created to focus
on consumer hot buttons that we anticipate will be top areas of change as
customers contemplate the year 2000,” said Joe Apprendi, senior vice
president, strategic sales at 24/7 Media.

“The program enables advertisers to
exclusively tap consumer mindset within a specific area of interest.”

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