2Roam and DoubleClick in WAP Publishing Deal

Wireless tech firm 2Roam will integrate DoubleClick’s serving technology into its WAP publishing platform, the companies said Monday.

2Roam allows Web publishers to convert their content and applications into WAP versions for use on wireless devices.

2Roam also has cobbled its wireless publishers together into an affiliate network, and it’s been offering ad serving companies access to that network.

Several ad serving firms, including Avenue A, Mediaplex, AdFlight and Engage already have deals with Redwood City, Calif.-based 2Roam to serve ads on the WAP sites of 2Roam’s publishers. Monday’s deal lets the industry’s 900-lb. gorilla into the fold.

The deal, which only applies to clients the two firms have in common, allows DoubleClick to squeeze additional billings out of its own serving clients who opt to launch wireless versions of their sites.

“2Roam not only expands customer reach for Web businesses to wireless users everywhere, but also creates new revenue streams through advertising and marketing programs,” said 2Roam chief executive officer Thomas Jackson. “Our partnership with DoubleClick immediately strengthens 2Roam’s value-add for our mutual customers by providing them with advanced wireless ad serving capabilities.”

The news comes as DoubleClick is systematically covering its bases for its move into the wireless arena. Earlier this year, DoubleClick struck a deal with Phone.com and other firms to help churn out some standards and technology for location-based advertising. Last week, it announced market trials with city guide publisher Vindigo and wireless access provider OmniSky in an effort to feel out the ad business on Web-enabled PDAs.

“Wireless technology is quickly becoming an important area for all Internet businesses,” said DoubleClick strategic director for emerging platforms Jamie Byrne. “This partnership will allow mutual clients to leverage their existing ad sales and ad serving partnerships with DoubleClick into the wireless arena.”

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