7 Maddeningly Addictive Features That Make Pinterest Special

To help everyone–no really, everyone–understand what’s so maddeningly addictive about Pinterest, we asked business professionals and bloggers this question for their best insights. From the lack of pressure to have a persona to consistent updates and optimization, there are several things that make Pinterest as unique and special as it is.

Here are seven features that make Pinterest maddeningly addictive:

  • Utilizes User-Generated Content
  • Easy to Track Sources
  • Lacks Pressure for Persona
  • Free to Use and Boost Traffic
  • Effortless to Use
  • Quick and Tailored Algorithm
  • Consistent Updates and Optimization

Utilizes User-Generated Content

Pinterest is a social platform that can be addicting. I believe one of the main reasons why is because the content on Pinterest is user-generated content. In other words, users post their own content from different sources and share what they find fun or interesting. When you use Pinterest, you have the freedom to highlight your interests and share them with other users who have similar interests. You can even categorize what you find so they can be stored all in one place. I definitely believe that the success of Pinterest is due to the fact that the users are the ones that create the content on the site.

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

Easy to Track Sources

I like to believe that it is not just cooks but creatives in general who enjoy using Pinterest. I find that its interface is visually dynamic and really allows the photos to speak for themselves. Most of the time, it is difficult to track down recipes for dishes you see on Instagram or Twitter, but with Pinterest, I can click directly on the photo and it will take me straight to the recipe! I think this easy-to-use interface is what makes it quite compelling as an app.

Brad Sacks, More Than Gourmet

Lacks Pressure for Persona

Pinterest can be an addictive platform because it functions similar to Instagram or Snapchat but there is less of a personal connection to the content. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even Facebook are all about curating an attractive persona for people to follow. This is typically the reason users feel pressure and anxiety while interacting online. The need for likes and follows can be very draining for users. When people turn to Pinterest, they are looking to consume good-looking content but without all the pressure to put their best self out there and compete with other profiles. Pinterest provides the same engaging and high-quality content other socials do so it’s easy to kick your feet up and start board after board without subjecting yourself to the performative nature of social media culture.

Brent Wicksly, Wicksly

Free to Use and Boost Traffic

Pinterest can be addictive. DIYers (Do it Yourself) find Pinterest particularly useful. For instance, recipe bloggers and crafts bloggers make their recipes and crafts and photograph the images. They post a pin to the image on a Pinterest board. When Pinterest users click, they are taken to the information which boosts website traffic. Pinterest appeals to creatives. The site is fun for creatives, you get to network with like-minded pinners, and is exciting when people click your pins. The best part: Pinterest is easy and quick to use and is free.

Janice Wald,Mostly Blogging Academy

Effortless to Use

Many people find Pinterest really addictive. The pictures here are highly aesthetic and give you a surreal feel. You would feel like you are in another world. While using Pinterest, you are allowed to pin and repin images from the web, which is very convenient for the user. All those who are done using social media platforms can choose Pinterest as it gives you a little escape from the fuss that many other social media platforms create, such as Instagram and Facebook. Another thing worth noticing here is the ease of usage. You can post pictures easily with a click and save them if you find them visually pleasing. The element of visuals set Pinterest apart from the rest of the apps. You will be able to find unlimited pictures of your choice every time you set yourself up using it because it provides you with all the new results of the version that you have previously searched for.

Caroline Lee,CocoSign

Quick and Tailored Algorithm

Pinterest’s whole idea is that you can take different images and ideas and put them together on a board, which can then be added on to for whatever you desire. A lot of people like to use Pinterest as their inspiration boards for that next vacation they want to take, their dream outfit, or that makeup look they’ve wanted to pull off. The algorithm is also very good at recommending things that they also might like to add to different boards, which helps people get a visual understanding of their goals or aspirations.

Bill Wells, Wild One

Consistent Updates and Optimization

The Pinterest algorithm has become very effective at being able to continuously hold your attention. Infinite scroll is one clear reason for this. However, the fact that it is so finely attuned to what interests you means the more you scroll, the more pins you see that you want to click on. It doesn’t help that Pinterest has introduced several new features recently, like story pins, that are designed to keep you on their site rather than take you away to the content behind each of these pins. This has been less than ideal, to put it mildly, for content creators who want to generate traffic to their sites from Pinterest. However, for Pinterest itself, it’s just another (highly effective!) step towards their goal of keeping you on their platform for as long as possible.

Anna Barker, LogicalDollar

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