Launches “Newsmakers” Campaign

New York City-based is
launching “Newsmakers,”
its first major advertising campaign, featuring the tag line, “Ready when you

The campaign highlights newsmakers from around the world and focuses on’s at-work user base that values the immediacy of online news.

Solutions Marketing, a division of Grey Advertising based in Stamford, CT,
designed the campaign. Billings were not disclosed.

The campaign has both local and national components, and capitalizes on
research confirming that people are going to the Web for news during the
workday. said that its own research indicates that it receives a majority
of visits during the workday.

Local advertising efforts will be focused on the New York City area,
specifically on at-work users. For one month, bus sides in Manhattan will
feature advertisements and the “Newsmaker” campaign will be
featured on subway
MetroCards and on coffee cups at suburban train stations and city street
vendors. Also, posters will be plastered around Manhattan.

Nationally, promotional spots will appear on ABC Television. In addition, Web
banner advertisements will run across Buena Vista Internet Group Web sites,
including,, and the GO Network, as well as
selected Web sites.

The campaign features five prominent news figures–Fidel Castro, Saddam
Hussein, Nelson Mandela, Madeleine Albright and Janet Reno. Each figure has an
headline that will be placed against a vibrant backdrop.

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