AcmeCity Signs Charter Advertisers

AcmeCity, a new personal homepage community devoted to branded entertainment
fan pages, signed Johnson & Johnson, M&M Mars, Hasbro, Lockheed Martin,
Microsoft and Warner-Lambert as charter advertisers, joining eBay.

AcmeCity is a joint venture between Warner Bros. Online and community site
operation AcmeCity was
officially launched Jan. 13.

The site has topped 550,000 pages of user-generated content from more than
180,000 registered subscribers, the company said. Focused on branded
entertainment fan pages, AcmeCity provides a protected community that is
designed to assure a predictable quality
environment for families and advertisers.

“We are providing a family-safe and advertiser-safe environment for
mainstream user,” said Jim Moloshok, president of Warner Bros. Online. “We’re
combining the power of established brands with the unique strengths of online
communities, providing an unbeatable combination for consumers and
advertisers alike.”

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