Using New Enhanced Format

San Francisco-based, the online ad auction
channel, said it has boosted sales by enhancing the format for its most recent
auction, April 23. introduced separate morning and afternoon auctions, as well as
an “AutoExtend” feature that enables media buyers actively bidding at the
close of each auction to continue competing until a winner emerges.

Enthusiastic buyer response boosted sales revenue by nearly 50% and helped Web
publishers sell about 20 million ad impressions as compared with 12 million
impressions bought in February, the company said.

In each of’s first three auctions, a number of Web publishers
have earned double-digit CPMs, culminating at over $13 in March and April, the
company said.

The “AutoExtend” feature allows media buyers to submit new bids within two-
minute intervals following each auction’s closing. has also
modified its user interface to provide an overview of the “start” and “high”
bids on all current ad inventory and give background on each publisher

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