AdFlight to Roll Out Enhanced Engine

Self-service ad buying and serving firm AdFlight will soon begin offering automatic optimization and post-click reporting, through a new version of its online serving engine with two new enhancements.

The company’s system currently enables advertisers to buy ads across its Web, wireless and e-mail network, as well as to upload creative, manage campaign delivery, track and optimize their ads.

With the rollout of its new technology over the next two months, that last step can be optimized without user intervention; AdFlight’s system will automate removing and retargeting a campaign’s banner ads based on parameters set by the client.

The company said the new feature will prevent advertisers from wasting time and money on non-performing banner creative or publishers, giving advertisers the ability to drive a continuous process of increased online advertising performance and ROI.

The new version of AdFlight’s engine also supports tracking and reporting for leads, sales and registrations.

While the Belmont, Calif.-based company still sells space on a CPM basis, the company said the new version allows advertisers to determine the effective cost per action or costper acquisition.

“AdFlight’s new auto-optimization and post-click tracking technology and services extend AdFlight’s focus on making campaign execution and optimization fast and easy for advertisers of any size,” said AdFlight’s president and chief executive Albert Lopez.

In conjunction with post-click reporting, and because it’s done instantly and by computers, Lopez said AdFlight’s optimization works better with complicated parameters than the manual optimization capabilities offered by other companies.

“With numerous variables … [optimization] is much more than a human can do,” Lopez said. “The word ‘optimization’ is thrown around a lot — it’s a normal part of the industry. But the difference between what people call ‘optimization’ and [computer-automated] optimization is going to be big.”

AdFlight joins several other companies in auto-optimization space. Another startup, Sunnydale, Calif.-based Paramark, offers similar automated features in conjunction with other companies’ ad servers, like DoubleClick’s DART.

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