AdForce Announces Wireless Technology, Networking Pacts

CMGI ad server AdForce Thursday announced joint marketing and technology agreements designed to offer advertisers wireless ad targeting, management and delivery services.

Under the agreement, Ad Force will support Mediaplex‘s MOJO (MObile Java Objects) platform, which lets online advertisers integrate database and customer profile information with online marketing initiatives in real time.

The upshot of the deal is that it gives Ad Force the capability to offer advertisers real-time, location-based wireless advertising delivery.

In addition to serving MOJO-generated advertisements, AdForce’s centralized ad management and delivery system will handle tracking and reporting.

The pact comes as part of the company’s “AdForce EveryWhere” initiative, which aims to serve ads on wireless devices, interactive television, point-of-sale displays, Internet appliances, and other consumer devices.

French networking giant Alcatel has agreed to utilize the new wireless ad offerings, under a separate agreement also announced Thursday.

Through terms of the deal, Alcatel’s INsight content-delivery platform will integrate Mediaplex’s MOJO technology and AdForce’s digital ad management system to deliver location-based content and personalized promotions to the carrier’s wireless users.

“Together, Mediaplex and AdForce, along with Alcatel, offer a complete wireless location-based advertising targeting, delivery and management service,” said AdForce executive vice president Dee Cravens. “This alliance will result in an enhanced experience for wireless end users, and will help optimize our advertisers’ reach, and return on investment.”

“By combining our platform with Mediaplex’s MOJO technology and AdForce’s ad management solution, our demo simulates the rotation of appropriate content, advertising and e-coupons based on the changing location of a mobile wireless user at any given time,” said Bill Dyer, director of Alcatel’s new ventures group.

In other AdForce news, the company earlier this week rolled out a new version of its online interactive banner ad creation service.

The Promotions system allows advertisers to choose from a greater variety of design and functionality options to create, customize and track promotional offers through banner ads.

The newest version allows for the creation of pop-up promotions, including coupons, sweepstakes offerings, lead generation offers, or surveys.

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