AdForce Inks Deal with iVAST for MPEG-4 Rich Media Ads

Ad serving technology firm AdForce Tuesday inked a deal with streaming media company iVAST to bolster its capabilities in the broadband advertising space.

Through the deal, AdForce, a wholly owned subsidiary of content delivery firm CMGion, will be able to stream targeted, interactive advertisements that can include high-quality video or audio, graphics and animation components.

AdForce is the first online ad firm to use Santa Clara, Calif.-based iVAST’s platform, which is founded on the MPEG-4 streaming media standard.

As the Internet’s broadband capabilities develop, the firms said iVAST’s platform will allow San Jose, Calif.’s AdForce to deliver targeted, rich media ads to PCs as well as next-generation set-top boxes, game consoles and wireless consumer electronics products over broadband networks.

“This is the first opportunity to deliver a breakthrough MPEG-4 based advertisement that offers a complete brand experience to consumers,” said iVAST chief executive officer Elliot Broadwin. “We expect that the distinct look and feel from the integration of audio, video, 2D and 3D graphics and interactivity will make these promotions more engaging to viewers and ultimately lead to greater return on the advertiser’s dollar.”

For some time, the outsourced ad technology firm has been signing deals to expand its reach into emerging media. In late November, AdForce signed a pact with Wink Communications to serve interactive television ads. It also signed a similar deal with On Command, which makes hotel-room cable television controls, and with BigFatWow!, which makes interactive mall kiosks.

“Digital advertising must evolve to continue engaging the audience,” said AdForce chief executive officer Chuck Berger. “Innovative companies have already recognized this and taken action to incorporate higher quality, interactive video advertisements into their online advertising strategies. At AdForce, we are dedicated to making this evolution happen. Partnering with iVAST — a company that is building next generation media streaming technology — will significantly expedite our progress.”

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