AdForce Introduces Wireless Ad Management

The momentum behind wireless ad serving picked up, as AdForce on Monday unveiled what it’s
calling AdForce Anywhere, a technology that allows the serving of
advertisements to including wireless devices.

The new technology, which is currently in beta, is part of a movement by
Internet advertising firms to ready their technology for emerging digital
platforms. The idea is to provide one-stop-shopping, so advertisers that
wish to release a campaign on multiple media may easily do so.

24/7 Media (TFSM)
recently released a new ad serving technology, 24/7 Connect, which will
e enabled for multiple platforms, and it has been testing WAP campaigns in
Europe. Before beginning to develop its own solution, 24/7 used AdForce.

“Advertising in the wireless media presents three unique challenges –
technical, business and creative,” said Tim DePriest, director of strategic
marketing at AdForce, a majority-owned operating company of CMGI (CMGI).

“We understand the importance of looking at these issues holistically in
order for our clients to maximize their ad message effectiveness for each
digital device. Our goal is to deliver advertising and promotional messages
to devices wherever a digital signal can be sent, beginning with mobile
devices and moving into kiosks, point of sale devices, set top boxes and
other devices.”

Recognizing that wireless solutions are more advanced in the Asian and
European markets, the company is extending this new ad serving technology
to its AdForce Asia and European ADTECH subsidiaries.

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