AdKnowledge Delivers Clickwise Version 2

AdKnowledge Inc., the newly merged ClickOver/Focalink Communications, rolled
out ClickWise 2, the newest version of its ad management software for Web

ClickWise 2 delivers enhanced inventory management and adds affiliate
reporting, customizable reporting, a four-fold increase in throughput, and
central ad serving to its real-time, intelligent ad management, the company

Scott Kauffman, president and CEO of AdKnowledge, said: “The new features in
ClickWise 2 contribute directly to the bottom line of Web publishers by
minimizing their operating costs, maximizing their use of ad inventory and
enabling them to deliver more value to their advertisers.”

Balancing contractual obligations to advertisers, ad targeting constraints
and user information, ClickWise 2 selects the optimal ad from the site’s
inventory to serve to each particular visitor, the company said.

ClickWise 2 enables a site to track historical ad traffic levels and view
them graphically or in tables. Traffic can be tracked in aggregate and by any
targeting dimension–by page and date, for example–for effective
inventory analysis.

The product also shows “utilization data,” allowing the user to analyze how
effectively the site’s ad inventory is being used. It also forecasts expected
ad traffic to assist ad sales staff in planning sales activities. For
owners of multiple sites, or site networks, ClickWise 2 allows the master
site to specify selective reporting access for individual sites. Each
affiliate can now see how its site is performing, without time delays or
custom programming on the part of the master site.

ClickWise 2 will be available by the end of January from the AdKnowledge Web site. For
sites serving more than 10,000 ads per day, ClickWise 2 annual licenses start
at $5,000.

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