AdKnowledge Delivers Rich Media Solution

Palo Alto, CA-based AdKnowledge, a provider of end-to-end
Web advertising solutions, delivered what it calls the Rich Media Advertising
Standard (RichAdS), a new mechanism for supporting rich media of any kind.

The company said RichAdS makes it easy
for advertisers to use any rich media format on any ad-supported site through
AdKnowledge’s centralized ad serving services.

The solution also makes it easy for any technology vendor to adopt rich media
formats–existing ones or even new formats not yet released–to speed
their market availability, the company said.

“Our new RichAdS service eliminates one of the major problems that has held
back rich media advertising in the past,” said Bob Filice, product manager at
AdKnowledge. “Our main focus is to help customers measure results, optimize
their Web advertising ROI, and execute campaigns. This new service gives our
customers the broadest set of
rich media choices available in the industry. . .”

In developing RichAdS, AdKnowledge said it worked with all the major rich
media technology companies, including AudioBase, @Home Network’s Enliven
Business Unit, IBM’s HotMedia group and RealNetworks (Real Audio and
RealVideo), as well as InterVU, Unicast and Thinking Media (Active Ads).

“AdKnowledge has gone to great lengths to ensure an easy integration process
for customers to incorporate audio banners,” said David Haynes, CEO of
AudioBase, a provider in Java-based audio delivery for Web advertisers. “We
are delighted to be the first rich media solution to test out the new
AdKnowledge standard with our plug-in
free technology.”

The new, easier rich media procedures are available to all AdKnowledge
customers immediately.

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