AdKnowledge Launches New Marketing Analysis Service

Web marketing solutions provider AdKnowledge launched a new service
called eAnalytics, combining new data mining tools with the company’s
existing audience profiling and daily tracking of leads and sales.

The new service “significantly enhances all of AdKnowledge’s offerings, and
promises to greatly improve return on investment (ROI) for customers, the
company said.

Using the proprietary AdKnowledge System technology to run campaigns and
gather data, eAnalytics combines three services to optimize Web ad campaigns
and mine new insights from past campaigns for future initiatives.

The first, a completely new service called DataDNA, is designed to answer to
questions such as: What is the long-term response and purchase behavior of
people who see my ads but never click? How many times should I show each
person an ad? Which ads and site placements yield the highest lifetime
customer value?

The other services under the eAnalytics umbrella include Advisor, which
provides tracking of post-click activity such as sales, and Voyager Profile,
which offers detailed demographics and product usage profiles for the
audience that actually saw a campaign.

All warehoused data is anonymous, non-personal and non-identifiable, the
company said.

“Now that we have integrated sophisticated data mining with our traditional
services in eAnalytics, AdKnowledge can offer our clients a single source for
managing their advertising relationships with customers and prospects,” said
AdKnowledge Vice President Steve Findley. “Working with a few customers to
date, we’ve been able
to gain remarkable insights into customer and prospect behavior and

Cost for the service varies depending on the complexity of the campaign,
number of ad impressions and transactions and the analysis required.

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